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2014 West Texas Family Conference and Book Fair


Abiding Truth Ministry
This ministry works with mom's, wives, women's ministries, student ministries, and young families to encourage and train believers in Christ and teach them to apply God's Word in their lives. 

American Learing Labs
These are math books that parents can understand. YOU can help your child with math. Even if you never ‘got’ math in school.The solutions manuals give a step-by-step solution for every problem in each book, not just the answer. You can see where a mistake happened and show your child what went wrong.

Barefoot Books
Carefully crafted children's books, children's CDs and children's gifts that spark imagination, exploration, and creativity.

Bob Jones
Represents - BJU Press, Rosetta Stone, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy, Logos Science kits and
Keyboard Classroom.

Civil Air Patrol
Whatever your interests-survival training, flight training, photography, astronomy-there's a place for you in CAP's cadet program.

Classical Conversations

A nationwide classical, Christian community providing academic programs, events, and services to home school communities, parents, and educators.  
We believe education finds its purpose and culmination in knowing God and making Him known. We believe parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, we invest heavily in equipping parents & educators with the “tools of learning” based on a Biblical world view in order to impact the world for God’s glory.


Diary of Jayne
Diary of Jayne is for young teens that enjoy reading fictional novels where fantasy meets reality.


Dr. Caroline Leaf
She has presented her unique Switch On Your Brain with the 5-Step Learning Process® and the Metacognitive-Map™ learning tool to more than 100,000 students worldwide.

Fun Adventure Wildlifebooks
Tim Ostermeyer (author of Fun Adventure Wildlife Books) is a Master Photographer who has won 250 first place awards for his photography including 14 wildlife images that are considered to be the best in the world by its inclusion in the Professional Photographer Loan Collection books (best images in world by professional photographers).

Grand's Creations


Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

A nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Saxxon Math)
Explore programs as diverse as your students and designed to meet their ever-evolving needs.


Howard College - Speaking during Teen Program
Jr College - The San Angelo Campus provides learning opportunities that challenge all toward a commitment of self-growth, personal fulfillment, and preparation of their roles in society.


Ideal Body Weight
As a Believer, reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight is your birthright. This is God’s will for your life.


Juice Plus+ Children's Health Study

How to stop worrying about your child's diet..starting now!

A Christian, two-year liberal arts college owned and operated by the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas.


JPW Learning Center
Providing opportunity for alternative educational instruction for children or adults who are experiencing difficulties as a result of Dyslexia and/or other Learning Differences.

Mary Kay
A trusted global name in skin care, makeup & body care.


Omega Orthodontics
Dr. Ilene Rees of Omega Orthodontics is your San Angelo, TX (Texas) orthodontist providing braces for children, teens, and adults.

Practing Math Facts
Whether your child is just beginning to learn the basic math facts... or struggling to learn them... or could benefit from some extra practice (who couldn't?!) ... these audio CDs are the answer!

Premier Designs

Direct service company offering distributorships of fashion jewelry.

Assisting parents in educating children academically as well as spiritually in order to prepare them for the life's work God has laid out before them.

Real Reading Company

Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple is a thoughtfully designed, well-crafted reading program that takes students from being nonreaders to being confident, full-fledged readers in 90 lessons.


San Angelo Civil Air Patrol
Composite Squadron Official Auxillary of the USAF


Scholastic Books
Scholastic Books Fair is sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi, National Honor Society in Education at ASU

Southern Science Supply 
For teachers looking for dissection specimens, chemicals, beakers, rock and minerals or a custom curriculum kit, and students needing a homeschool kit, an alcohol lamp, prepared slides or a microscope. We have your top quality science supplies at affordable prices.

Simply Classy Celebrations
Your Event Planning Solution!

Simply Fun

Offering family play, learning and entertainment products.

Teaching Textbooks

Math 3rd-7th Grade, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry and Pre-Calculus.

Our products are based on the concepts of relaxation, tradition and friendship. We believe in life's simple pleasures; like the comfort of a soothing cup of tea and the love-filled laughter of our friends and family.


Texas Home School Coalition

Christian state-wide legislative watchdog organization. Legal and general homeschooling information and publications.


Texas Virtual Academy
For Grades 3–12, Curriculum by K¹², Full-time Only, Online Public School, Tuition Free.